Humble beginnings mark the founding of the nation. When other factions started coveting the throne, their rivalry spurring conflicts that destabilized the already torn apart people of Aeonia, the warrior Nakezuma had a thought. He imagined a faction that would not try to seize an empty throne. One that would not endanger the populace by fighting empty battles. He imagined a faction that would bring unity, order and safety to Aeonia's war torn people. He imagined the Nation Of Kydor.

Nakezuma needed allies for his vision to become reality. So he contacted his friend Ven Roams, a knight of the Order Of The Silver Phoenix, with whom he had fought side by side before. Together with Ippolito they formed what came to be known as the Nation Of Kydor, with a clear goal in mind: Free the Emerald Islands which were dominated by blasphemous blood sorcerers and from there make a new home for those who need it.

Culture is what the Nation stands for. Culture means law, it means identity and it is the one thing that can help a destroyed populace survive as people and not as barbarous wretches.