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In a distant corner of the world, surrounded mostly by sea and bordered in the north by tall mountain ridges, lies the land of Aeonia . This land is mostly poppulated by humans , elves and their mixed offspring .

Aeonia is a shattered land, still recovering from the wounds that the Scourge invasions have left twice upon her body. The humans and the elves were not ready for it the first time , and they were just as unprepared the second time . It's a land of mighty warriors, cunning leaders, and ambitious wielders of magic , but it is also a land of ruins, uncontrolled banditry, malevolent spirits invading mortal minds, and of the ever-present fear of the Scourge, lurking in the shadows.

The common folk of Aeonia used to rely on agriculture and the commerce of their produce in order to get by, but now their lives have been filled with fear and uncertainty. Few feel safe in their homes, and even fewer sleep peacefully. Not all hope is lost, however. Charismatic leaders of great armies, wise sages of old magicks, fearsome warriors, champions of their people, and ever-plotting figures of the underworld; all of them rise to defend their homeland from any and all who would threaten her, each for their own reasons and benefits, but all for dominion and for a better future as they see fit.

300 years ago the legendary and mighty king Aenos , managed to make every single tribe and city of the land acknowledge his dominion and united Aeonia into a prosperous kingdom. But that was not meant to last. Before the kingdom had its chance to enjoy its prosperity and success the first invasion of the Scourge took place and it tore the land apart, blossoming enmities among the leaders of the people and causing the will of the king to falter. The kingdom was fractured but still alive and it remained as such until very recently. In the year 1992 of the draconic calendar the scourge struck again and what was left behind are the lands we have been called upon to defend, conquer, rebuild, invade, explore and rule.


Human (Common): Aeonia (Αιώνια)

Elvish: Elánderon (Ελάν-ντερον)

Dwarven Chalgak (Χάλ-Γκακ)

Shadow: Ha’Schod (Χα’Σοντ)

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