100: Tail of the Phoenix10: Archipelago Islands, Unnamed11: Archipelago Islands, The Grand Lighthouse
12: Archipelago Islands, Unnamed13: Archipelago Islands, Unnamed14: Archipelago Islands, Unnamed
15: Archipelago Islands, Unnamed16: Archipelago Islands, Unnamed17: Archipelago Islands, Unnamed
18: Archipelago Islands, Unnamed19: Archipelago Islands, Island of Silence1: Wings of the Phoenix
20: Isle of Night21: Isle of Love22: Free-Standing Northern Islands, Screaming Isle
23: Free-Standing Northern Islands, Unnamed24: Free-Standing Northern Islands, Shipwrights' Haven25: Free-Standing Northern Islands, Storm Isle
26: Free-Standing Northern Islands, Unnamed27: Eaglestone28: Islands of the Setting Sun, Cavedon
29: Islands of the Setting Sun, Stonefell2: The Red Islands of the East, Unnamed30: Islands of the Setting Sun, Serpent's Tail
31: Islands of the Setting Sun, Zorrok's Gamble32: Sun Desert33: Stone Desert
34: Plains of Dust35: Mare Nostrum36: Valley of Death
37: Dead Forest38: Haunted Woods39: Land of the Damned
3: The Red Islands of the East, Claw Isle40: Northern Free Lands: Adder's Nest40: The Northern Free Lands, Adder's Nest
41: The Northern Free Lands, Ruins of Qaddath42: The Northern Free Lands, Iron Bogs43: The Northern Free Lands, Firewater Hills
44: The Northern Free Lands, Blood Plains45: The Northern Free Lands, Northern Passage46: The Northern Free Lands, Unnamed
47: Black Shore Forest48: Land of the Black Flames49: Black Tower Shore
4: The Red Islands of the East, Unnamed50: Savage Coast51: Frost Peaks
52: Eastern Hidden Valley53: Western Hidden Valley54: Western Dwarven Caves
55: Eastern Dwarven Caves56: Northern Riverlands57: Kyrthomir
58: Elf Tribal Forest, Grove of Night59: Elf Tribal Forest, Forest of Knowledge5: The Northern Emerald Isles
60: Elf Tribal Forest, Mana Springs61: Broken Towers62: Iron Roots
63: City of Vohl'oss64: Elf Tribal Forest, Thoughtrees65: Elf Tribal Forest, The Land of Circles
66: Elf Tribal Forest, Elvenport67: Tidebreaker Hills68: Halls of Judgement
69: City of Music6: The Southern Emerald Isles70: Plains of Silence
71: Port of Hope72: Southern Dwarfhold73: Elf Tribal Forest, Old Tribelands
74: Elf Tribal Forest, Eastern Mistwood75: Lonely Mountain76: Dwarven Mountains
77: The Westwind Marshes78: Axe Plains79: Grey Swamps
7: Skull Isle80: City of Winds81: Pirate's Bay
82: Grave Passage83: Eastern Guardian Mountains84: Lake of Stars
85: Western Guardian Mountains86: The Southlands, Land of Sugar87: The Southlands, Unnamed
88: The Southlands, Unnamed89: The Southlands, Unnamed8: Isle of the Damned
90: The Southlands: Village of the Dragonphoenix91: The Southlands, Snake Swamps92: The Southlands, Skoggenmark
93: Kilian's Anchor94: Lands of the King, Unnamed95: Lands of the King, Unnamed
96: Lands of the King, City of Light97: Lands of the King, Unnamed98: Lands of the King, Unnamed
99: Lands of the King, Unnamed9: Archipelago Islands, UnnamedAlchemist Union
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