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== [[Elven Kingdom]] ==
== [[Elven Kingdom]] ==
The kingdom of the elves, trying to rise up again.
The kingdom of the elves, tried to rise up again, but eventually fell into chaos again.
==[[Empire of the Silver Phoenix]]==
==[[Empire of the Silver Phoenix]]==

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Broken Edit

Απόκληροι άνθρωποι που κινούνται στην ομίχλη με περίσσιο μίσος απέναντι σε βασιλεές και λόρδους υψηλών οίκων.

"If you know the enemy and know your self, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles."

Elven Kingdom Edit

The kingdom of the elves, tried to rise up again, but eventually fell into chaos again.

Empire of the Silver PhoenixEdit

Pro-Magic empire that promotes civilization and order in Aeonia and Beyond the fogs. Home to the Order of the Silver Phoenix, the first line of defense against the Scourge and the other Dark forces.

Vassals : Edit

  • Circle of the Land (Vassal) : A grove of Druids and their associates that try to keep sacred lands from falling to the wrong hands and keep the balance of Nature
    “The society that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting by fools.” -Malrick of the Silver Order

Fallen AngelsEdit

Knightly order that uses the weapons of darkness against it fighting fire with fire.

Nation of Kydor Edit

A newfound realm in the south seeking to protect every culture and philosophy it can.

"Law, order and safety. That is the only way humans can live as people. Without these values people become animals." -Nakezuma, Consul of the Nation of Kydor

Norsemen (Ragnar's Raiders) Edit

Norsemen warbands united under the raven black banner of Earl Ragnar.

"We fight... that is how we live and that is how we die" -Ragnar Mangarm

Unity of Exiles Edit

A band of warriors that fled the land they called home in Corfu to strengthen and take it back from the evil witch-king who rules it.

Inactive Factions Edit

The following are inactive factions, if any players wish to re-create them they must speak with the organizers first. Priority is given to players whose characters originally belonged to the relevant faction.

  • Armada: Privateers that split from the kingdom of Aeonia after the King disavowed their Admiral
  • Brotherhood of the Scythe: A religious covenant centered around the worship of Brother death with his chosen as its leader.
  • Incarnadines: A tribe of wariors, shamans and druids that survived the second scourge and resetlled for a new chance in building a life in Aeonia
  • Torn Wing Battalion: A mercenary company that took in the desperate and the unaligned to shape them into warriors.
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