Bjorn Stonehoof is a druid, warrior and morale booster, known mainly for his allegiance and help to the mighty Ragnar Mangarm in the Norsemen of the Land of the Black Flame. Born under unknown conditions and being abandoned by his parents, Bjorn was raised on the harsh land of Frost Peaks. Lucky enough to be born on a summer and with immediate connection to natures spiritual elements, Bjorn was somehow raised by an old bear living in a cave at the foothills of the cold mountains and right next to a fruitful forest. After alot of time he had his first encounter with other humans and started his quest to attain what humans called "glory" before the circle of life followed its course.

Personal Life

Bjorn has unknown birthplace and no known relatives. What is important to him and anyone who interacts with him is not his past, it's the actions that define him and his legacy. With his early and deep connection to the wild and nature herself he was sparred and raised by a lone bear, learning all about the way the world and nature worked in this land through the flow of time.

With the first interaction with his own species, a couple of traveling merchants, Bjorn learned how to write and speak the language of humans as-well as things like glory, infamy and treasure. The merchants where rewarded with rumors and treasures from the deep forest that no-one could approach than the local fauna. Bjorn then became his quest to attain the human ultimate goals, since through these he could learn more about his abilities and teach humans natures circle of life.

Sure enough, he came upon two things : Other Nature Magic users that taught him their ways, but he knew they couldn't reach the ultimate human goals through their neutrality, and the Norsemen of the Land of the Black Flame whom shared his quest for glory, infamy and treasure. He had no difficulty convincing their Earl of his ability to contribute to their cause, even if they didn't share the same eagerness on sending people to begin the circle of life anew.


Bjorn Stonehoof is a secular, low tone person preferring to notice and learn individuals through their interaction with the environment, rather than himself.

He Respects Power and anyone who strives to Gain all that his power can provide him.

He Detests lowly deeds like killing people unable to defend themselves (he would rather give a sword to a kid, than not giving it the ability to defend itself) and anyone that gives up without trying.

He Hates anything that defies the circle of life (e.g. Necromancy).


  • While still an infant, through commuting with its spirit, convinced a bear to help him.
  • Was considered valuable enough to join Ragnar's Raiders.
  • Is a member of Natures Magic Druids.